The SECRET Lies In The Shade – The Order Of The Bear Book 2

the secret lies in the shade by josie walker books

Coming Soon! I used to be a normal girl, but all that changed when a vampire tried to eat me, because I’m apparently supposed to be a freakishly powerful witch… so much for being normal! It turns out that dating a shapeshifting bear isn’t all that fun. Sure, don’t get me wrong the sex is…

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Leopard’s Claim (Shapeshifter Love Book 3)

werewolves and shapeshifters, eliza gayle kindle worlds novella, paranormal romance by josie walker

She wasn’t looking for love… but it found her anyway. Can she open her heart again? Allie’s past may be troubled, but she’s managed to make a pretty good life for herself. She’s a successful independent businesswoman, and her gorgeous fashions fly off the racks faster than she can sew them. But sometimes when she’s…

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Something Shifter This Way Comes – The Order Of The Bear Book 1

steamy new paranormal romance by Josie Walker

 What if her dream job is really a nightmare? I shouldn’t have taken a job I knew nothing about, but I was desperate. My new boss was sinfully hot, and did I mention he’s a billionaire?  Too bad he’s also rude and domineering! I tried to ignore my feelings, I wasn’t looking for a relationship……

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PAWS & Surrender: The Bear Allegiance Series

josie walker author website

  Love At First BITE At 37, Were Bear Parker Holmes is all grown up now, but even a powerful leader with his own territory has to go home when his mommy calls. On his way back to Grayslake he runs into curvy little Michelle Delacourt. When his bear starts roaring MINE he knows there’s…

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Panther’s Mark (Shapeshifter Love Book 2)

josie walker website,

LOVE, LUST, & SHIFTERS! If you’re a fan of paranormal romance, you’ll love the Southern Shifters series! Jessica had wholeheartedly embraced the mind blowing sex her shifter boyfriend had offered her, but now Cole is asking for a lifetime commitment. She only has until the next full moon to decide if she’s willing to officially…

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Panther’s Mate (Shapeshifter Love Book 1)

  Get ready for a SHIFTING good time. Cole is the last of a rare clan of panther shifters. Ruthlessly hunted by deadly leopards, he’s never had a place to call home. He’s long since accepted that he will live out the rest of his days alone. His primal beast demands that he find a…

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