The SECRET Lies In The Shade – The Order Of The Bear Book 2

the secret lies in the shade by josie walker books

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I used to be a normal girl, but all that changed when a vampire tried to eat me, because I’m apparently supposed to be a freakishly powerful witch… so much for being normal!

the secret lies in the shade by josie walker books

It turns out that dating a shapeshifting bear isn’t all that fun. Sure, don’t get me wrong the sex is incrediballz, but I still haven’t been taken on a single proper date. What’s the point of going steady with a billionaire if we can’t even leave the mansion long enough to go out for a night on the town? I never asked to be the savior of humanity, and the fact that I’m the only witch strong enough to keep all the vampires trapped where they belong is an honor I’d gladly pass on to someone else.

I come from a family of witches, but when I was younger I always thought they were crazy… so much so that I changed my last name from McCalaster to Banks so that no one would know who I was. Now, I’m about to have to swallow my words right along side with my pride, because not only am I expected to spend all my time in the mansion, but they expect me to actually train to become a better witch. I feel like a total freak, and I want to stomp my feet and yell like a five year old “I don’t want to do this!”, but it’s not looking like I’ll have much of a choice.

Steel says that the wards aren’t holding like they used to. More and more vampires are slipping through the cracks, like the one that tried to kill me in the woods! He fears there will come a point where even the nightly patrols of his shifter order won’t be enough to keep the bloodsuckers imprisoned where they belong. The stakes are high, but I never asked for any of this. If you look up HERO in the dictionary I guarantee you won’t find my picture there, and I’m just smart enough to be terrified of my ineptitudes being responsible for the end of the human race. Do I really have it in me to be all Merliny… and what’s it mean for the world if I don’t?


My heart goes out to anyone who has ever experienced, or been close to a victim of rape. As such, I wanted to give advance warning that there is a rape scene in this story, and that it might understandably be too much for some to handle. I’d advise against reading this if the subject matter is to difficult to stomach.