Panther’s Mark (Shapeshifter Love Book 2)

josie walker website,


josie walker website,

If you’re a fan of paranormal romance, you’ll love the Southern Shifters series!

Jessica had wholeheartedly embraced the mind blowing sex her shifter boyfriend had offered her, but now Cole is asking for a lifetime commitment. She only has until the next full moon to decide if she’s willing to officially mate with her Panther, and there’s no such thing as shifter divorce. Could she be about to make the mistake of her life?

When the mating mark appears on the back of Jessica’s neck it almost seems like a cruel joke; after all she’s not even a shifter. Cole is an honorable man and he refuses to force her to mate him. The stakes are high because if she says no he’ll spend the rest of his days impotent. To make matters worse they’re still being hunted by the leopard clan. Will the couple still be alive by the next full moon?

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***This is book 2 in the Shapeshifter Love Series. Please read book 1 (Southern Shifters: Panther’s Mark (Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance) first.

This Kindle Worlds book is a work of fan fiction, based on Eliza Gayle’s bestselling Southern Shifters Series

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